Things your toddler will do when you’re injured and can’t stop him:

•Take all the books off his shelf.

•Take all the books off your shelves.

•Take all his puzzles off the rack.

•Take all the pieces out of the puzzles.

•Unfold all the folded laundry on the table.

•Climb onto the table and do a flamenco dance.

•Throw all of the unfolded laundry out of the hamper.

•Put the hamper on his head and walk around looking like a Dalek.

•Take the hamper off his head and fill it with books, puzzle pieces, train tracks, train cars, and stuffed animals.

•Come upstairs and dump out all the toy bins.

•Climb onto play room table and do flamenco dance.

•Play with plug-in nightlight his dad neglected to put away.

•Eat play doh his sister neglected to put away.

•Draw on floor with crayon his mom neglected to put away. D’oh!

•Eat crayon.

•Climb onto piano bench and do flamenco dance.

•Climb into bathtub and do flamenco dance.

•Climb into dishwasher and lick silverware.



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